Winter Catalogue 2018 HOC Winter Catalogue 2018 - Page 19

Critical Thinking How to Write an Autobiographical Novel Alexander Chee A Moonless, Starless Sky Alexis Okeowo Waiting for Elijah Kate Wild PB $27.95 How to Write an Autobiographical Novel is the author’s manifesto on the entangling of life, literature, and politics, and how the lessons learned from a life spent reading and writing fiction have changed him. In these essays, Alexander Chee grows from student to teacher, reader to writer, and reckons with his identities as a son, a gay man, a Korean American, an artist, an activist, a lover, and a friend. PB $32.99 A Moonless, Starless Sky weaves together four narratives that form a tapestry of modern Africa: a young couple, kidnap victims of Joseph Kony’s LRA; a Mauritanian waging a campaign against modern-day slavery; a women’s basketball team flourishing amid war- torn Somalia; and a vigilante who takes up arms against the extremist group Boko Haram. This book illuminates the lives of ordinary people doing the extraordinary – lives that are often ignored by the rest of the world. PB $35.00 In 2009, in a NSW country town, a mentally ill young man was shot dead by a police officer. But what happened in that laneway – and how could it have been avoided? Written with clear-eyed compassion and compelling narrative drive, Waiting for Elijah is an account of a tragedy that didn’t have to happen. It is also an intense, forensic deconstruction of the extended legal proceedings that followed, and a heartbreaking portrait of a family’s grief. Small Wrongs Kate Rossmanith Sharp Michelle Dean Seven Types of Atheism John Gray PB $32.99 After the birth of her daughter, Kate Rossmanith found herself spending hours reflecting on the unwelcome role remorse can play in even the most devoted parents’ lives. Fascinated with the concept of remorse, she was drawn to the criminal courts, observing case after case and trying to answer the fundamental question: how can you know whether a person is ever truly sorry? But soon, the project began to create seismic shifts in Kate’s own life. PB $32.99 Sharp tells the riveting stories of the fiercely intelligent, glamorous and iconoclastic twentieth-century women who made their way to Manhattan to forge spectacular literary careers, from Dorothy Parker to Joan Didion. It combines biography, original research, and critical reading into a powerful portrait of ten writers who managed to make their voices heard amidst a climate of sexism and nepotism, from the 1920s to the 1990s. HB $45.00 For a generation now, public debate has been corroded by a shrill, narrow derision of religion in the name of an often vaguely understood ‘science’. John Gray’s stimulating and enjoyable new book describes the rich, complex world of the atheist tradition, a tradition which he sees as being as rich as that of religion itself. The result is a book that sheds a light on what it is to be human and on the thinkers who have battled to understand this issue.