Winter Catalogue 2018 HOC Winter Catalogue 2018 - Page 17

Science and Nature Out of My Head Tim Parks Schrödinger’s Cat and 49 Other Experiments that Revolutionised Physics Adam Hart-Davis The Eastern Curlew Harry Saddler HB $35.00 Out of My Head tells the gripping, highly personal, often surprisingly funny, story of Tim Parks’ quest to discover more about the fascinating topic of consciousness. It frames complex metaphysical considerations and technical laboratory experiments in terms we can all understand. Above all, it invites us to see space, time, colour and smell, sounds and sensations in an entirely new way. The world will feel more real after reading it. PB $24.99 How can a cat be alive and dead at the same time? Why did Archimedes cry out "Eureka!" after stepping into his bath? How was Higgs’s "God particle" finally identified? Schrödinger’s Cat introduces you to the groundbreaking experiments that have defined the scientific age. It is an essential guide to science in action and the work of the great scientists whose ideas have shaped the modern world. HB $29.99 Following the Eastern Curlew along its 10,000km migratory path, award- winning nature writer Harry Saddler explores how these incredible birds have impressed themselves on the cultures of the countries they fly through, the threat to their survival posed by development, and the remarkable ways these birds and humankind may be entwined. The Eastern Curlew is a delightful and vivid portrait of a fascinating natural phenomenon. All That Remains Sue Black The Wonderful Mr Willughby Tim Birkhead The Order of Time Carlo Rovelli PB $35.00 Sue Black confronts death every day. As Professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology, she focuses on mortal remains in her lab, at burial sites, at scenes of violence, murder and criminal dismemberment, and when investigating mass fatalities due to war, accident or natural disaster. In All That Remains she reveals the many faces of death she has come to know, using key cases to explore how forensic science has developed, and what her work has taught her. HB $37.99 In the seventeenth century, Francis Willughby and John Ray were determined to overhaul natural history and impose order on its complexity. But before Willughby and Ray could complete their encyclopaedia of birds, Willughby died and his reputation has since been obscured. With a fellow expert’s understanding and passion, Tim Birkhead celebrates how Willughby’s endeavours set a standard for the way birds and natural history should be studied. HB $29.99 Time is a mystery that does not cease to puzzle us. Philosophers, artists and poets have long explored its meaning while scientists have found that its structure is different from the simple intuition we have of it. From Boltzmann to quantum theory, from Einstein to loop quantum gravity, our understanding of time has been undergoing radical transformations. With his charm and sense of wonder, Carlo Rovelli unravels this mystery.