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Food A Table in Venice Skye McAlpine HB $45.00 Thousands of tourists pass through the city of Venice each year and leave having dined in Venice, but not having eaten well. It is the food cooked in homes and made with local ingredients, and the recipes passed down through generations, that make up Venetian food. All of the recipes here are typical of Skye’s cooking style: simple, fresh, colourful and always plentiful, and offer a rare glimpse into the tastes and secrets of a true Venetian kitchen. Travels Through South Indian Kitchens Nao Saito PB $39.99 Nao Saito set out to explore a variety of kitchens during her stay in South India. With her abiding interest in people and cookery, she finally came up with this richly perceptive travelogue, bringing together floor plans, sketches, photographs, impressions, recipes and conversation. In the process, South Indian kitchens emerge as more than just domestic spaces – they are distinctive ways of living and relating to the world. Japan Nancy Singleton Hachisu HB $59.95 Japan’s signature foods – sushi, ramen, cakes – are loved around the world. Now, the iconic and regional dishes of Japan’s traditional cuisine are made available to home cooks with this authoritative collection from acclaimed food writer Nancy Singleton Hachisu. These 400 recipes explore every part of Japan with soups, noodles, pickles, one-pots, sweets, and many vegetable dishes in one stunning, impressive package. Plantlab Matthew Kenney Winter Louise Franc Venice Russell Norman HB $59.99 From Matthew Kenney, long considered a pioneer in raw and vegan cuisine, comes the first definitive vegan cookbook for serious foodies and chefs. Plantlab will help redefine plant-based cuisine for home cooks and amp up their skills to create beautifully prepared, delicious vegan foods in their own kitchens. Elegantly designed and gorgeously photographed, Plantlab celebrates innovative vegan cuisine at the highest level. HB $59.99 When the temperature cools down and the nights become longer, we tend to crave our favourite comfort foods – slow-cooked meats that fall off the bone, rich chowders and hearty stews, succulent roasts and fragrant and warming curries served with steamed rice. From simple and warming traditional comfort foods to impressive modern cold-weather dishes, as well as a host of decadent desserts, Winter has a recipe to cover every occasion. HB $55.00 Russell Norman returns to Venice – the city that inspired Polpo – to immerse himself in the flavours of the Veneto and the culinary traditions of the city. His rustic kitchen provides the perfect backdrop for this adventure, and for the 130 easy Italian family recipes showcasing the simple but exquisite flavours of Venice. The book also gives an intimate glimpse into the life of the city and the food merchants and growers who make Venice so vibrant.