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inclusion of links to Libra citing references where applicable. • A new Alerts feature that allows users to be notified of any new developments pertinent to a predefined topic based on a saved search or list of primary sources. • Incorporating intelligent algorithms to suggest related primary and secondary materials not previously displayed. • And much more! What’s not changing? The expert care and handling of legal content by editorial staff that has long distinguished Casemaker among low-cost legal research providers, who tend to rely more heavily on algorithmic approaches to capturing and organizing legal content, with comparatively little to no human intervention. In a study circulated at last summer’s Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries, titled “Database Evaluation: Drawing The Silken Thread,”* three highly respected Connecticut law librarians set out to objectively evaluate seven legal research services by researching six topics. They performed identical searches on each service and assessed each result set against five pre-determined criteria. EIDE LIKE I’D LIKE CONFIDENCE ON THE STAND The study showed Casemaker consistently returned more relevant results than other low-cost services, that its content was more current, and that its citator, CaseCheck+®, was more precise and less cumbersome to use than other providers’ citation checking tools. In fact, Casemaker performed on a par with (and in some cases even surpassed) the leading high-cost services across multiple points of comparison. As Casemaker Chief Operating Officer Sarah Gorman said at the time, “These results are truly gratifying. Our editors take great pride in their work and here we can see that the human touch really does make a difference.” As a SBAND member, you can have the best of both worlds: a much-improved platform with state-of-the-art functionality, and content you can continue to rely on with confidence. *The full study may be found at http:// comparision.pdf. Come prepared with the data and knowledge you need for litigation. Eide Bailly’s experienced and certified professionals can help you with economic damage calculations, forensic accounting and fraud investigations, computer forensics and eDiscovery management. What inspires you, inspires us. 701.239.8513 | WINTER 2019 17