Winter 2014 Vol. 1 - Page 22

About Us As a young kiddo, Derrick (aka Bah) drew a picture for his dad, who was an amazing artist by the way, no pressure. Derrick wanted to title it "Dad, Derrick, Sea," to illustrate a memorable day sailing with the family. He drew the "D" backwards, got frustrated, and then just spelled out Ba! His dad hung it on the wall anyway as it was one of Derrick's first drawings. Everyone who entered their home saw the stick picture "masterpiece" with a bright yellow sun and royal blue sea—and of course the crazy title: “Ba Derrick Dad Sea.”  The drawing hung on the family wall right in the middle of his dad's masterpieces—it was a masterpiece to his dad! People always commented on "Ba, Derrick, Dad, Sea." Ba (pronounced Bah) became legendary. Even as a 6'4'' high school athlete, his nickname was still Bah!!!  He came to embrace it. Later on, Derrick and I became best friends and were always referred to as Love'll and Bah everywhere we went. Well, I married my best friend and we now have two amazing boys. Love'll & Bah Handcrafted Jewelry is our next new adventure, together. We appreciate your business and welcome you to the Love'll & Bah family. Let your LOVE shine! XOXO, Loveʼll & Bah