Wingin' It - Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Wingin' It - Issue 10 - June 2017 - Page 2

Arlington Municipal Airport Newsletter Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast due January 1, 2020 Background: ADS-B uses GPS satellites to determine an aircraft's location, ground speed, and other data. That data is then broadcast from the aircraft to ground receiving stations. The ADS-B ground network is in place and fully functional. In little more than two years from now, ADS-B will be required on all aircraft operating at and above 10,000 feet, in Class A airspace, in and above Class C airspace, in Class B airspace, and in the Mode C Veils. While not everyone needs to equip, everyone should be aware of where ADS-B will be required, the risks, and the resources available to them so they can get answers and make an informed and timely decision based on where they fly. What aircraft owners need to know: 1) If they are based in, fly to or from, or fly through airspace where ADS-B will be required, they need to be equipped. 2) If they wait, they may have difficulty getting shop time at avionics installers. 3) If they don’t equip by December 31, 2019, they may have difficulty getting ATC clearance into airspace that requires ADS-B. The FAA has created an ADS-B website to make it easier to find information about ADS-B equipage. It is a one-stop location for all FAA information related to ADS-B equipage. It has useful tools and very good information about the ADS-B rule, airspace, equipment, installations, benefits, and an extensive list of FAQs. We encourage aircraft own- ers and operators’ customers to:  Go to the website, and  EQUIP NOW, if they are planning to equip.  The FAA is offering a $500 rebate to help owners of less-expensive general aviation aircraft equip now with the required avionics. The program will run for one year from September 19, 2016 or until all 20,000 rebates have been claimed. 2