Winchester Magazine Christmas Issue 2017 Winchester Magazine Christmas Issue 2017 - Page 67

INTERIORS SERVING THE PEOPLE OF WINCHESTER AND BEYOND FOR OVER 60 YEARS Quality home furnishings at Peter Green F rom an old brush factory on Southampton Road to a sparkling modern showroom in Chandler’s Ford, Peter Green has been supplying quality furniture and floor coverings to Hampshire homes for over half a century. “My father opened his first furniture superstore in Eastleigh in 1966, a year that rolls off the tongue with names like Twiggy, The Beatles, Mary Quant and Carnaby Street,” says second-generation owner Wendy Martin Green. “As World War Two faded into history, a new wealth was generated among the people of Britain. Young people now had money and there was an excitement in the air, generated in part by the new pop and fashion culture. Everything was ‘fab’ and ‘groovy’, and at The Peter Green Walkround Showroom business was booming. “At that time Peter Green was a cash-and-carry business, and Saturdays saw a stream of customers strapping rolls of carpet and furniture onto the roofs of their cars and driving their bargains away with them. The few pictures we have of the interior of the store all look terribly dated, but at the time it was a new and exciting concept in the w &B`&WFgW&GW&R( ХFF2FVWFW"w&VV27FVB&vBG&VBvFG2FW7B&V֗6W266R6FW.( 2f&BffW&rG'W7FVB'&F6'&G07V62W&6rB&W"2vV07Bb6FV&'FW6vW"&vW2WFW"w&VV&7G2RbFR&vW7B6VV7F2b&VG2FR6VGB62VvR6VV7Fbf&r( vR6F66W"6'WBW"7W7FW'2VVB@66vVfR6'&FRFW6v2Bv2( vVG62( W"6W&6FW'FVBrgW&6W2FRv&76W0b6'W6W72B7FGWF2F( vF27BFV2&R6VB&FW"&V6W6RbFRf7B'&b66W2f6W2Bf'&72vR6rffW"W"7W7FW'2F2&WV&W2V6W2F&R7W7FVf7GW&VBvRFvWfW"fRW"fW'vWFW"w&VV6&R6V7FFFV2bv6&Rf&Rf"VFFRFVƗfW'( ХvVGFG2( WFW"w&VV2r'VvFח6Vb26&B6&2vƖ22vrF&V7F"B267FFǐWffrFVWWvFFW&G&VG2vR&VখFWVFVB6BvR7FWBגfFW.( 06֗FVBFfVRVƗGB6W'f6R( У#2#bwwrWFW&w&VV6Vwwrv6W7FW&r6Уc