Winchester Magazine Christmas Issue 2017 Winchester Magazine Christmas Issue 2017 - Page 65

INTERIORS IN THE TUB Ease tension and boost well-being this Winter with the ultimate garden accessory T hink hot tub and you’ll probably think first of a gently bubbling tub at your favourite spa. But hot tub at home? Surely it would be difficult to maintain for starters and wouldn’t get used enough other than for the odd get-together with friends and family? Think again, says James Hallett at Happy Hot Tubs, whose family business, which has five showrooms across the south, has been supplying state-of-the-art tubs to discerning Winchester clients for over 35 years. Not only are his hot tubs extremely energy-efficient and easy to look after; they also offer high-performance hydrotherapy benefits. “Where once hot tubs were bought just for pleasure, today our clients are increasingly interested in them for hydrotherapy,” James says. “We work with Hot Springs, the biggest supplier of hot tubs in North America, which is renowned for its high-performance tubs, which offer a whole-body massage.” Accommodating up to eight, Hot Springs tubs can be bespoke-fitted according to client preference, with each seat having its own individual set of controls in more expensive models. Prices range from £5,000 to £25,000. Hot tubs can be installed above or below ground and even remotely monitored, allowing users to check water quality when they are away. “Looking after a Hot Springs tub is relatively straightforward,” James says. “Our tubs cost on average just 50p a day to run and can also be sanitised with salt, minimising the need for chlorine. We offer a maintenance package as part of our service and can usually be there on the same day for call-outs.” Soaking in a hot tub has multiple benefits, James says: “Water massage is great for relaxing and easing muscular tension and also helps with conditions like arthritis. Many of our clients are people who do physical jobs during the day or are sporting professionals who have benefited from hydrotherapy in the past and want to be able to do that at home. “Socially, having a hot tub often completely changes the way that our clients interact with their partners and families. It also encourages them to get more from their garden and spend time outdoors year-round. Best of all, relaxing alfresco in a bubbling hot tub allows people of all ages to reconnect and have dedicated, quality time together.” 01489 780167 | 65