Winchester Magazine Christmas Issue 2017 Winchester Magazine Christmas Issue 2017 - Page 47

I N T H E KI T C H E N TOP TIPS FOR FESTIVE FAT Southern Water calls on city cooks to go green this Christmas C hristmas is coming and the goose is not the only thing that is getting fat. Southern Water is calling on cooks across the city to go fat-free down the sink, not only to help prevent blockages in domestic pipes but also to keep the city’s sewers flowing freely. A whopping 23,000 blockages occur each year on Southern Water’s 39,600km sewer network, the majority being the result of fat, oil and grease and unflushable materials like wet wipes and cotton buds. Not only are blockages unpleasant and expensive to fix at home; they cost Southern Water £10 million every year. Over the last year 1,400 were recorded in the city alone – a 50 per cent increase since 2013. “It’s a myth that washing-up liquid and hot water dissolves cooking fat and clears it from your pipes,” says Matt Collins from Southern Water. “That’s why our latest Unflushables campaign has been all about helping people properly dispose of fat, oil and grease as well as all the other things that shouldn’t go down the sink. “At Christmas in particular we cook with additional fat, which is why our helpful hints are particularly valuable at this time of year. “If you’ve only got a little bit of grease in the bottom of your pan, just give it a quick wipe with some kitchen paper when the pan has cooled, and pop the paper in the bin. “If you’ve got a bit more grease swimming about, then let it cool a bit and pour it into an empty container: butter tubs, yoghurt pots or jam jars can all be used. Then you can just put the whole thing in the bin. “Scrape leftover food or grease and fat residue from plates, pans or cooking utensils into the bin rather than into the sink, and help keep food debris out of the sewers by composting fruit and vegetable waste. We also recommend using a strainer in both kitchen and bathroom sinks.” Matt adds, “Small changes make a big difference, and collectively help to protect the environment too.” the-unflushables 47