WIN Annual Reports June 2018 Midyear Report - Page 9

Partial Victory - A New Street Car Contract! The organizing around the DC Streetcar resulted in the multinational company RDMT coming back to the table with ATU Local 689 and negotiating their first ever contract that includes higher wages and better insurance for workers. Wages for the DC Streetcar workers were among the lowest in the nation. The new contract means long-term operators received a wage increase of $10.15/hr bringing them on par with the national average. Workers used to be required to pay 80% out of pocket for medical bills while the company paid 20%. Now, workers pay 20% of their medical bills while RDMT pays 80%. This is a start but not enough. KEEPING WMATA PUBLIC On Sunday May 7th 2017 WIN came together with all 5 Metro IAF affiliates in the DC Metro Area and the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689 for a 400-person action. In this coordinated public action we pressed elected officials from all 3 jurisdictions to support increased dedicated funding for WMATA, more accessible affordable transit, middle-class jobs instead of working-poor jobs, & affordable housing on WMATA land. 2018 MIDYEAR REPORT 9