WIN Annual Reports June 2018 Midyear Report - Page 7

THE DC WATER JOBS CAMPAIGN In 2013 WIN began a campaign pressing for DC Water to hire more DC residents, especially given that DC residents were being asked to invest $2.7 billion in the Clean Rivers Project. The project was designed to clean up stormwater runoff as a result of an EPA mandate. In 2014, DC Water signed an agreement including a 51% local hire commitment, contribution of $1.25 million to open job training programs in DC, and the creation of a national certification for Green Infrastructure work. In 2017, DC Water Works hired 51 (60%) DC residents, this is up from 11% district residents in FY 2013. Also in 2017 the first two classes produced 16 DC residents who are certified in Green Infrastructure. ANCHOR INSTITUTIONS STRATEGY In 2017 WIN launched a new strategy aimed at getting DC employers in key sectors to make hiring commitments of unemployed people especially focusing on communities with the highest unemployment rates: Returning Citizens and Young People. In 2017 WIN initiated a series of relational meetings and house meetings to deepen our base in the heavily segregated, Photo by David Choy African American area of the city east of the river where living wage jobs is a central issues. At a 700-person action in July 2017 with Mayor Muriel Bowser the front rows of church were filled with over 200 leaders from wards 7 and 8 including 50 returning citizens. (See our Transit section for more on our organizing with transportation workers) 2018 MIDYEAR REPORT 7