WIN Annual Reports June 2018 Midyear Report - Page 17

the DC Zoning Commission and finalized a Community Benefits Agreement. The project is currently in pre development with approved financing by DMPED, it is expected to break ground by November of 2018. The Beacon Center | Under Construction In Brightwood, for over 10 years Emory United Methodist Church and Emory Beacon of Light have been working to build The Beacon Center - a mixed use project with 99 units of affordable housing on church land. There was even a last minute snag requiring WIN congregations to support the project at the Historic Preservation review Board after the site was declared too historic to alter. The Project finally broke ground on October 7, 2016, and is currently under construction. Other Developments in The Pipeline • Kingston Apartments (ward 4 Brightwood), 23 Units of TOPA preservation. Funded and waiting for development. • Eden Place Phase II, (ward 7 Deanwood), 34 Units of affordable for- sale homes. • Langston/Slater Schools (ward 5) WIN is pushing for this public land to be put up for an RFP for development of affordable housing Photo by David Choy Affordable Housing: 2019-2022 WIN’s strategy around affordable housing involves building institutional bases of faith leaders & tenants capable of long term campaigns, pressing for increases in subsidy for affordable housing, vigorous research of underutilized public and non-profit land, and challenging developers to maximize affordable housing when they request city subsidy. In 2017 WIN leaders, organized research actions to identify public land with a goal of securing commitments for another 3 ​ ,000+ units of affordable housing on public land during the next administration. 2018 MIDYEAR REPORT Photo by David Choy 17