WIN Annual Reports June 2018 Midyear Report - Page 16

Homestead Apartments - Completed In the heart of the Brightwood Park neighborhood in Ward 4, sits a 55 unit building comprised of 6 efficiencies, 47 one bedroom apartments and 2 two bedroom apartments. UrbanMatters worked with residents to complete a TOPA purchase of the building on behalf of tenants that will preserve those 55 units of affordable housing right off of Georgia Avenue. A critical component of the revitalization plan is the free resident support services programming: Health Prevention & Daily Life Programming Workshops for Healthy Eating and Adult Financial Literacy training. The development team has partnered with DC’s Latino Economic Development Center to provide these program services to the residents. In September of 2016 this project broke ground, and it is now completed and 100% occupied. Short Term Family Housing I Broke Ground on 3 sites! WIN organized vigorously in the lead up to the 2014 election for DC General Family shelter to be replaced with smaller more dignified facilities and ultimately closed. May 2016 legislation was passed identifying 6 sites for replacement facilities and allocating nearly $100 Million in capital funding. In 2017 WIN partnered with Good Faith Communities Coalition to organize Ward 3 residents and 14 local congregations to sign and send letters of support to their ANC representatives and testify at community meetings and hearings. On April 5th 2017 the Board of Zoning Adjustment approved the short- term living facilities in wards 3 and 5. Despite a legal appeal surrounding the site in ward 3, all indications are now that DC General will finally be closed and replaced. In 2017, 3 of the 6 DC General replacement facilities broke ground! Providence Place | Funding Committed! UrbanMatters​, an affordable housing developer established in part by WIN, is celebrating progress on a 99-unit affordable housing development in Ward 7. Providence Place, which will be built on land of the Progressive National Baptist Convention Headquarters, received zoning approval from 2018 MIDYEAR REPORT 16