WIN Annual Reports June 2018 Midyear Report - Page 12

2017 FRIENDS OF WIN CAMPAIGN Our 2017 Friends of WIN campaign raised over $27,000 in individual donations. In 2018 WIN is inviting those who know and respect our work to invest in the organization. We aim to raise​ $60,000+​ from increased dues from existing WIN institutions, dues from new members, contributions from individuals and businesses for Friends of WIN, and new corporate grants. WIN is offering businesses that contribute over $1,000 space for a message or ad of your choosing $15,000 in new and increased dues $40,000 from Friends of WIN individual and small business donations $5,000 in new Corporate Grants to be published in WIN’s 2018 Annual Report. We distribute annual reports like this one though all our 36+ member congregations and organizations, which have over 125,000 individual members. We will also make it available online to our membership and on our website. Donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution or as a business expense. HOW CAN I GIVE? We offer a variety of ways to give. We encourage you to consider a recurring gift in installments every month or quarter. You can mail your contribution using the envelope provided, or give online at ​​. Thank you for considering a contribution so that WIN can achieve our ambitious agenda. 2018 MIDYEAR REPORT 12