WIN Annual Reports June 2018 Midyear Report - Page 10

IMMIGRANT RIGHTS In the current political climate, our immigrant communities are under a great threat whether they are undocumented families facing deportation, TPS residents concerned about their status being renewed, or DREAMers uncertain of their future as students and workers. In 2017, WIN organized a series of listening sessions in immigrant communities around DC and began meeting with locally based CEO’s and government officials to develop relationships and begin to present our agenda. While those families may never have needed to see an immigration lawyer in the past, Photo by David Choy they all may need to see an immigration lawyer by 2019 to figure out if they are eligible for another pathway to legal status. Studies show that immigrants who obtain legal counsel are much more likely find relief instead of facing deportation. WIN Immigrant Rights Agenda: 1. Significantly Expand the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund. 2. Create a long term commitment to the legal defense of immigrants in DC. 3. Create city funding for legal representation for immigrants who are currently detained. COMMUNITY SAFETY & STOPPING GUN VIOLENCE In our series of house meetings community safety arose as a key issue of interest. WIN is supporting the Metro IAF Campaign “Do Not Stand Idly By (DNSIB)”. On January 25th, 2018 During the US Conference of Mayors gathering in DC, nearly 100 Metro IAF leaders from affiliates across the country gathered to hold a briefing and press conference demanding safer communities by preventing illegal gun sales and creating a new generation of gun safety technologies. WIN leader Ryane Nickens spoke at the meeting, highlighting the damaging impact of gun violence in DC. Our work with DNSIB goes hand in hand with the strides we are taking to address the violence that impacts communities across DC. WIN leaders are currently involved in listening sessions in many communities in Wards 7 and 8 regarding the implementation of violence interrupters in an effort to increase community safety. 2018 MIDYEAR REPORT Photo by David Choy Photo by David Choy 10