Wilson tenisz katalógus 2016 - Page 65

STARTER EZ NET™ 3.21 m versatile net raises to height of a badminton net in seconds • Can be used for depth drills for more experienced players • 6.1 m net allows more players, more fun • EZ setup and take down • Ideal for 10 and Under Tennis competitive play TRAINING LADDER Consists of 2 detachable half sections, which can be used separately • For footwork drills • Size: 0.40 x 9.10 m • Rungs are 40 cm wide with flat bottom STOCK NUMBER ITEM Z2542 Training Ladder STARTER COURT LINES Use as boundaries, targets, visual aids • Includes 12 lines, 4 corners BALL PICK-UP TUBE STOCK NUMBER LENGTH Z2571 (EZ Net 10) 3.21 m WRZ259700 (EZ Net 18) 6.1 m EASYBALL CART Holds 18 balls STOCK NUMBER PACK WRZ323800 1 TENNIS MARKER CONES Mixed color pack of 6 cones (2 orange, 2 green, 2 pink) • Great for organization, relays and games STOCK NUMBER ITEM WRZ541000 Tennis Teaching Cart, 150 incl. Red Bag WRZ541100 Tennis Teaching Orange Bag WRZ541200 Tennis Teaching Green Bag WRZ541300 Tennis Teaching Red Bag SAFETY CONES Mixed color pack of 6 collapsible cones (2 orange, 2 green, 2 pink) • Emphasizes safety and versatility STOCK NUMBER ITEM STOCK NUMBER ITEM STOCK NUMBER ITEM Z2573 16 pc. Starter Court Lines WRZ259400 6 pc. Marker Cones WRZ259500 6 pc. Safety Cones 65 EQUIPMENT | COACH & COURT