Wilson tenisz katalógus 2016 - Page 57

REPLACEMENT GRIPS cm 20 m 4c STOCK NUMBER REPLACEMENT GRIP MODEL WRZ4202BK WRZ4202WH Sublime WRZ4202BL PACK RACKET ACCESSORIES FEEL COLOR 1 Black 1 White 1 Navy WRZ420100 Premium Leather 1 Natural WRZ4203BK Cushion-Aire™ Classic Contour 1 Black WRZ4204BK Feather Thin™ 1 Black embossed edge SUBLIME 5 embossed cutting lines Balanced feel • Added moisture absorption • Amplified traction PREMIUM LEATHER Premium calfskin • Used by top players CUSHION-AIRE™ CLASSIC CONTOUR Raised edge for enhanced feel FEATHER THIN™ Ultra-light, super-thin replacement grip • Reduces overall racket weight and grip size build up COMFORT STOCK NUMBER WRZ4205BK WRZ4209BK REPLACEMENT GRIP MODEL PACK COLOR Cushion-Aire™ Classic Sponge 1 Black Cushion Pro 1 Black CUSHION-AIRE™ CLASSIC SPONGE Most comfortable • Large absorbing dimples CUSHION PRO SHOCK SHIELD™ HYBRID Gel layer reduces uncomfortable vibrations and shock Comfortable, thick backing for maximum cushion ABSORBENT STOCK NUMBER REPLACEMENT GRIP MODEL PACK COLOR WRZ4210BK Cushion-Aire™ Classic Perforated 1 Black WRZ4211BK Micro-Dry + Comfort 1 Black 1 extended taper CUSHION-AIRE™ CLASSIC PERFORATED The original • Fits a wide range of players MICRO-DRY + COMFORT Thick foam backing for softness 4 innovative under-grip 3 embossed cutting lines 2 shaded upper edge 57 REPLACEMENT GRIPS | RACKET ACCESSORIES