Wilson tenisz katalógus 2016 - Page 5

Designed for players who battle from the baseline. Baseliners win with consistency and patience and like to move laterally to run down balls. However, when they get a short ball, they are not afraid to step inside the baseline to hit through the court and their opponent. They base their game around their groundstrokes and want a racket that accelerates their power. Designed for players who play aggressively and want a racket that controls their own power. Attackers want to take the ball early and on the rise and step inside the baseline when they get a short ball to hit big for a winner. They have command of their shots and look to control the point and dictate play. Attackers are confident moving both forward and laterally on the court. Designed for players who have a balance in how they play their game and play a mix of doubles and singles. This frequent player plays competitively on a team and hits shots from all corners of the court. They want a racket that is maneuverable, powerful, and comfortable to be able to master all their shots and make the game more fun to play.