Wilson tenisz katalógus 2016 - Page 36

RACKETS ADULT RECREATIONAL SURGE PRO 100 The Surge Pro 100 fits a wide range of players. Bring your game to the next level with greater power and comfort. HEADSIZE: 645cm2 UNSTRUNG WEIGHT: 284 g LENGTH: 68.6 cm STRING PATTERN: 16 x 19 GRIP: 1-3 UNSTRUNG BALANCE: 6 pts HL CROSS SECTION: 26 mm Aero High Beam STOCK NUMBER: WRT57670U MODEL: Strung, no cover SURGE POWER 108 Surge Power 108 is a great transition racket for players of all levels. An incredible quiet feel and added stability with Quadriform Technology. HEADSIZE: 697 cm2 UNSTRUNG WEIGHT: 288 g LENGTH: 69.9 cm STRING PATTERN: 18 x 19 UNSTRUNG BALANCE: 3 pts HL CROSS SECTION: 22.25 mm RG Beam STOCK NUMBER: WRT32900U MODEL: Strung, no cover GRIP: 1-3 SURGE OPEN 103 Surge Open 103 features Double Hole technology for greater power and Stable Shaft Technology for increased stability. HEADSIZE: 665 cm2 UNSTRUNG WEIGHT: 285 g LENGTH: 686.6 cm STRING PATTERN: 16 x 19 UNSTRUNG BALANCE: 4 pts HL CROSS SECTION: 23 mm U Beam STOCK NUMBER: WRT32520U MODEL: Strung, no cover GRIP: 1-3 36 RACKETS | ADULT RECREATIONAL wilson.com