Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 95

intuitive and instrumental at that imperative time in my birth. She was trying to take the umbilical cord from around her neck, trying to unravel it before my next expansion, however it wasn't long enough, it was too tight and was blocking the birth from going any further. So as I started going into the next movement she told me in a firm yet calm voice 'Stand Up Varesha!' once I stood up, gravity played it's part and she came sliding out! Suddenly it was all over and we had an amazing bundle of a baby, covered in vernix and on my chest. And I was thinking 'Oh my goodness! I have a baby! What am I meant to do now?!' It was so surreal and amazing, overwhelming and emotional, not to mention hormonal, just so much flooding through my body all at once! It still does.

Feather took a little while to take her first breath and make her first noises however eventually did, we were thrilled to see she was a little baby girl as we thought we were having a boy although that was all speculation ~ what a lovely surprise indeed! Feather truly amazes me every day with her existence, what a creation! Thank you for choosing us Feather Autumn Morris.

P.s Some people suggest uttering a sweet wish or positive affirmation to baby as the first words that they will hear once they are a part of this physical world. I still utter to Feather when she is awake, going to sleep and asleep, a sweet affirmation to go into her fontanelle opening to take forward with her in her life. I whisper to her: You are Loved. You are Blessed. You are Cared For.

Lots of love, light and happiness birthing, Varesha, Jesse and Feather.

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