Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 92

Our little darling, Feather Autumn Morris was born at 3.18pm on April 18th 2014, as the beautiful afternoon sun was bathing over the world. She was a healthy 7.7 pounds or just under 3.5 kgs and suckled well right from the start. She was covered from head to toe in vernix which is the white creamy substance like moisturiser which is really healthy for keeping your newborn protected, supple and soft.

Feather came 10 days before her 'scheduled due date' keeping in mind there is always an element of the unknown surrounding birth. Feather was a natural, safe, easy home water birth just as I had visualised, planned and kept repeating to myself, others and The Universe. I had complete faith and trust in myself and knowing in my body. I visualised goodness surrounding me, us as a new family to be and the birth. I also focused all of my energy on my breath, I even surprised myself with how much I could actually breathe out and essentially 'breathe out life!'

I had 7 support people there, my gorgeous Jesse, he was truly my rock throughout the whole process, my mother Ananda, stepmother Machatarn, Jesse's aunty Priscilla and 3 midwives from the Mullumbimby Birthing Centre (Leanne, Christine & Maureen), so Jesse and I were very supported indeed. I remember hearing my midwife telling me to 'push into your bottom' which really helped me to birth easier and helped me to understand, more, where to push.

As a woman birthing for the first time I had total and complete faith in myself. I believed in my beautiful birthing body truly knowing what to do and just surrendered and really listened to my intuition. This of course had also been instilled from not only myself, my dear partner, family and friends but also from my community. I surrounded myself with positivity and useful learning guides especially stemming from prenatal Yoga with Soflana Haishkarem, Red Tent Yoga and Prenatal Support Groups with the gorgeous and humbling Heli Murray and the ever helpful and mind blowing Mullumbimby Home birth Group.

I felt strong, nurtured, supported and guided. I felt I was not alone through my birthing journey yet surrounded by love.

The Birth of Feather Autumn


Varesha Stepanavicius