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My good friend, breastfeeding guru and natural parent Tegan credits her relactation success with her then 11 month old daughter Amelia, to having a “boob staycation” and becoming focused with laser-like precision on breastfeeding. Her husband took over the housework, cooking and running the show, while she stayed home with the baby, went topless as much as possible, took long skin-to-skin baths, power pumped, carb-loaded and took domperidone.

Tegan believes the medical system largely failed to properly educate and support her and baby Amelia with specialised breastfeeding knowledge and approaches. Instead artificial feeding and outdated and clinical advice were dished out like a budget buffet. Another major barrier to successful breastfeeding for Amelia and Tegan was a “missed and dismissed” category 4 upper lip tie and tongue tie, brushed off by paediatricians, speech therapists and two lactation consultants. Once under the care of a highly recommended IBCLC with up-to-date experience, the ties were addressed and breastfeeding became a reality. Triumphant in relactation, Tegan shares her knowledge and experience in support groups and conversations with other parents in the hopes of countering the inadequate advice, vulnerable and desperate new parents are all too often subject to.

On a grass roots level, where I reside, mum-to-mum peer supporters are rallying around lactating and relactating mothers online, building their own support networks and sharing their experiences and collective knowledge.

In addition to peer and professional lactation advice, the Australian Breastfeeding Association offer free telephone counselling, an evidence based website and breastfeeding education and support group meetings. You can call them on 1800mum2mum (1800 686 268), open an online chat on their website or request email counselling.

Abi is a divine spirit parading as a human (aren’t we all?). Relishing her roles as mama and conscious parent of two deliciously curious boys. She enjoys a tropical Queensland life of volunteer roles and is a self-confessed perpetual student, with a colourful splashback of working experiences, qualifications and work-in-progress careers.

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