Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 9


Mysterious, Beautiful; living in the breath of a timeless stream

An endless synergy of worlds unseen, but for the heart.

She dances in the ocean of Grace, she is the ocean and she is the spirals she creates.

Whispers travel the winds, saturated with her message

announcing ‘it is time’

She Rises into the wonders of sisterhood, in constant motion even when she is still

Master Secrets hidden in plain sight ignite

A tunneling flame snakes the earth, in Dragons fire of fortune - leading the way

Conscious revolution from seeds found in the centre of all that ever existed.

New. Divine. Feminine

We honour the ancient weaving dance,

The fabric of our grandmother's, grandmothers'

Sung into the matrix of their night sky

In sacred ceremony

For her lineage and her gentle warrior heart

She rises

They hold wisdom and call from the centre of the earth

they call from where they sit; within.

We are here to Rise

To travel in rising circles, stepping to the Gaian Drum

In honour of the soul

Crystaline grids in goddess sight

Holding space for this extraORDINARY light.

Arihia Sun


WILLOW Magazine