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Baby Got Back ... To Breast

Relactation Journey

I feel so impassioned about breastfeeding; it’s such a multifaceted act and each time I am privy to a mother's breastfeeding story, a shining new edge materialises, adding to this brilliant gem of a collective story.

By Abigail Dixon

A tiny mental version of me performs an awkward dance of fist pumping and knee jerking in the style of 90’s fluoro-puffy-pant-wearing Sir-mix-a-lot .

In reality I am pyjama-clad, in my kitchen, with laptop beside the toast I’m smearing with vegemite, for an impatient mini-mashup of Spider/Batman. My left hand scrolls through the support group posts and I tap my toes in glee. I feel exuberant!

I’ve just seen a member of our online relactation support group post that she’s met her goal of expressing 1 litre of breast milk from mere drops two months ago. Then I see four more member requests and emit a “yessss” of excitement.

Another mum posts a question about how to teach her baby to latch after months of being bottle-fed. I then try not to pee on the floor like an over-excited dachshund, (I should have worked those pelvic-floors more) as the support and advice flow in post after post from other mothers.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and breastfeeding counsellors weigh in too, which lends the group credibility. This kitchen scenario can be traced to a few months back. I intuitively felt the need to create a support group for mothers who had paused or ceased breastfeeding and wished to get back to breast. I knew there was array of existing breastfeeding support groups online, however few support groups for mothers who weren’t breastfeeding and wanted to.

IMAGE CREDIT: Captivated Photography