Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 85


Select a Tree.

I thought long and hard about this decision. Because of the timing we had to choose something that we could plant in Autumn. Citrus was the best option because they fruit all year round and are happy being transplanted at this time of year. I would recommend doing your research - after looking into different varieties (pomegranates among others) we discovered many other fruit trees were already going into hibernation ready for winter.

I did look at dwarf citrus trees as they pot well, but I decided I didn't like the feng shui element of buying a dwarf tree - something that is genetically programmed to stay small means it will never grow! I decided I want my son to have a bigger tree he can be proud of and can one day pick fruit from - so we opted for lemon. If you have the space to choose any tree, you could consider going for something majestic like a mighty oak – or soft and feminine like a willow.


Plant Baby's Tree.

Remove your placenta from the freezer the day before you intend to plant it (and place it in the fridge until it is defrosted.) If planting in the ground ensure you place the placenta deep (half a metre) so that animals cannot get to it. If in a pot, place a thin layer of soil in the bottom of the pot then put your placenta in, and add soil and organic fertiliser on top.

Do something symbolic to mark the occasion. We chose to read a poem that I wrote for the ceremony called the 'Tree of Life - An Ode to Leonardo'. I also used some incense and bells as part of the ritual and we took some pictures and helped my son touch the leaves of the tree and participate in his own way. You could light candles, burn or diffuse special oils, sing a song or anything that makes it feel special to your family.