Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 78

Green Goddess Smoothie

for detoxing your way into a healthy pregnancy

**Use organic produce or the freshest farmers grown and pesticide free produce you can find for this recipe.


½ green apple

Helps to eradicate toxins from the body and prevent free radical damage

2 large stalks of celery

Alkalizes and hydrates the cells, strengthens the kidneys

1 small cucumber

Decreases inflammation and assists in constructing healthy connective tissue

approx. ½ cup of cabbage leaves

Helps to balance hormones, detoxify liver and soothe the lining of digestive system

1 small broccoli floret

Helps to balance hormones and detoxify liver, antioxidant

½ kiwi fruit

Provides digestive enzymes

1 large stalk of kale

Antioxidant and one of the most powerful detoxifying plants on the planet

500mls of coconut water (or purified water)

Rebalances electrolytes and boosts the immune system

Chop up all ingredients in to small bite sized chunks. Add coconut water, cucumber, cabbage leaves, and celery into a blender or food processor on low speed until smooth. Gradually add in other ingredients and move to higher speeds until you get the consistency you want. You can add more coconut or purified water at the end for a thinner consistency. May add a few cubes of ice while whizzing.