Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 72

Essential Restoration For New Mamas

Kate Reardon

I didn’t experience the ‘ideal’ birth I had so lovingly planned for my daughter and myself. No, I didn’t! In fact I got the exact opposite of what I hoped and wished for. You see I, like probably many of you reading this magazine, had planned for an all natural home birth – completely zen, orgasmic, deeply empowered and very peaceful, just like all the you tube videos I had watched and natural birthing stories of women I had read in dozens of books. However what I received was an intense 2-day labour without drugs that turned into a harrowing journey via ambulance to the hospital for an emergency C-section. Despite not getting what I planned, I got exactly what I needed in order for my own deep inner healing journey and it was the most incredible day/s of my life.

Now ,I am not here to tell you about my birth story (that is a whole other article), but rather to share with you one of the most profound lessons that came out of the experience for me as a mother and as a therapist; how crucial it is to restore vital energy in the reproductive system after birth.