Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 71

Something inside of me

Something inside of me makes me feel tingly

It’s surrounded by a soul or a few that are choosing to stay

Something inside of me feels incredible

It’s super tiny, but soon...

But soon it will be getting bigger

It’s turning into you my baby

An incredible person

Not many people know of you yet as they can’t see you, but soon...

But soon they will know.

My belly is expanding to make space for you

You will start to wiggle and jiggle and will continuously grow stronger

We don’t know what you look like yet, but soon...

But soon we will see you for the first time.

I know of you and you know of me

We feel each other every day

For most of the time it’s just me and you, but soon...

Soon you’ll be born and meet your brother and father and all the amazing family and friends that will become part of your life

Your life, a life that has never been lived before

You are my little baby and I love you incredibly much.

I am here to look after you and protect you ALWAYS!


Sandra Colley

Founder WILLOW Magazine

IMAGE CREDIT: Talitha Walterfang