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You donate a portion of your profits to Bumi Sehat Foundation (a natural birthing clinic in Indonesia). What inspired your policy to give back?

I'm inspired and observant by giving. Ibu Robin and her organization, wwwbumisehatfoundation.org, give so freely and help thousands of women and families.

So many lives are affected by Bumi Sehat - the pregnant and new mom, the babies, the community - are all affected by the loving intention for safe, natural birth. Each baby that enters the world peacefully, helps to create a more peaceful human family.

I asked a midwife at the Bali center what the clinic costs were to cover the prenatal, birth and postpartum care for one Indonesian woman. Just $75 covers these holistic services. It felt right and good to donate $75 from each HoopYogini Online Teacher Training enrollment to Bumi Sehat.

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One pearl of wisdom you'd share with a budding #startupmomā€¦

Don't try to do it all. Recognize your realm of genius - know what you do well and do it! Find others to assist you in executing the tasks outside your personal realm of genius.

What does Jocelyn do for pure joy...how do you fill your cup?

Dancing, dancing, dancing and getting massages <3

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