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About Jocelyn

The creator of HoopYogini™ and Bhakti Boogie® Yoga, Jocelyn teaches around the world in locations as far away as Bali, Indonesia, and London, England. She provides busy women in the U.S. and overseas with fitness and stress-relief tools which emphasize breath awareness, self-care and pleasure.

She is passionate about helping women liberate themselves from Trauma-Drama, the stories that hold them back from their full potential.

You're the creator and director of Hoop Yogini. What was the inspiration behind it's creation?

Helping women navigate their busy, full, marvelous lives with grace and ease.

The hoop and circle are powerful symbols. They allow the HoopYogini practitioner to "locate"/gps themselves in the moment ... to see, imagine and feel their personal space and energy, to refine this space and connection and ultimately, to root themselves in the center of their personal universe - in the center of the Self. This centering cultivates trust, wonder and joy which lead to a happy life.

HoopYogini is a movement modality and it is a lifestyle practice. From her center, with and without the hoop, each woman can experience life with more presence. She has greater access to her inner wisdom and her relationships are more fulfilling.

It is also designed to assist those who don't think they can meditate to realize that they can.

/startup mom/ noun:

1. a mother & entrepreneur

2. a woman who does it her way

3. Jocelyn Gordon- Hoopyogini