Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 62

Willow’s seed was planted, watered and nurtured by three mother-entrepreneurs. Through this process, the Willow mama’s have sought motivation, direction and inspiration from many other incredible mompreneurs. Women who are rockin’ both business and parenting, world wide.

Willow wants to share the love and inspiration of these startup-moms with you. These short interviews capture the inspiration within their creations, the stories behind the brand and the nitty-gritty reality of juggling business and baby.

Here’s to empowering the #startupmom.

“The #startupmom is disrupting industries, innovating traditions and breaking stereotypes. She does motherhood and entrepreneurship…her way. This wave of entrepreneurs are rejecting the archaic paradox of choosing to either succeed as a professional or succeed as a mother; #startupmoms are saying yes to both and they are harnessing technology and their own bravery and confidence to make it work for them. Each #startupmom story is different, there is no template, but in sharing these stories my hope is to inspire future #startupmoms”.

- Kate Marie Gringold - Sigfusson