Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 60

I have no solid plans. Actually, other than drive, I really have no plans at all. After the summer, we will decide what’s next. Life has a way of working out just the way it should.

People often ask me if I am rich because I travel so much. I am far from it. I have never really seen the value in money. The best things do not have price tags. The important things are not for sale.

While I have travelled for over a third of my life, Motherhood is still so new to me. Like most mums, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m going with what I think is best in any given situation.

I know I am unbelievably lucky to be able to mix all the things I love and to spend my days with Ivy.

I want Ivy to see this wide and wonderful world we live in. I want her to learn about it while being an active apart of it, not just from a textbook or the lines of a map. I want her to make friends of all skin types, races and religions, and to experience cultures, cuisines, traditions and languages.

I want her to know that family is everywhere, not just in your bloodlines.

I want her to experience adventure in her days, not just in the fairytales she reads.

I don’t know where the road leads, and I definitely don’t know where it ends. I can’t tell you where Ivy will go to school, or what country she will grow up in. But I can tell you I am excited for the adventures we will have and the people who will become family as we meet them along the way.

Everyday we start a new page, we write in the chapters that make up our lives. My story led me to Ivy and I wouldn’t change even a single sentence along the way.

The rest is unwritten.

Watching Ivy Grow

All the love,

Laura and Ivy x