Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 59

Belongings were always left behind at one destination to allow me to zip up my bag and make it to the next. After working in countries including France, England, Greece, Canada and the Cayman Islands, and travelling through many more, I had no plans to return home. I wasn’t really even sure where home was anymore.

I rented a bedroom a short walk from the turquoise water and white sands of the island, spent days swimming with turtles and stingrays, and nights drinking cocktails to the sounds of the ocean. I had no need for much more.

My birthday milestone crept around and to mark the occasion we hired a pirate ship. We dressed in corsets and feathers, accompanied by swords and treasures, and that night we sailed the Caribbean Sea. We were living in a real-life Neverland. Weeks rolled on in the way they do and what I assumed was a hangover for ages, and the result of my dwindling youth, was actually the end of the first trimester. For the first time in almost a decade, I had a one-way flight to Australia.

Today, I sit in a tiny room in a coastal town of British Columbia, Canada, unpacking and repacking our bags. Unpacking from last week’s trip back to the Caribbean and packing for the upcoming road trip through the Canadian wilderness.

Ivy sleeps beside me as I pack. She is almost 10 months old now. She has more stamps in her passport than she has seen months on the calendar.

Ivy was conceived in the Cayman Islands and born a world away in Australia. I am a British-born Australian and her father a Canadian. Her father and I have just purchased a school bus. The old yellow bus will become our new home for the summer as we travel along the west coast of Canada.

Her infectious spirit is a mixture of the oceans, the mountains and the laughter of each and every person we have been lucky enough to meet on our travels.