Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 57

WILLOW is the most exciting project for conscious parenting on the planet. We are young, fresh and full of heart and inspiration.

Our Vision is Global and we're looking for volunteer Crew:

We want you and your burning desire to be part of our vision.

CONTACT: team@willowmagazine.org

Your gifts go further with us

The one with an eye for beauty to decorate our branches with memes, cover art and all things nice

The wonderful one who loves being online uploading and networking

The one with that wonderfully archetypical Virgo quality of crossing the t's and dotting the i's

The one who loves to systematise and streamline our processes

The one to help us do all things legal and knows everything we don’t about establishing a not for profit foundation

The one who loves shouting out from mountain tops and loves sharing non-stop about us

The one to give us conscious advice about how to strategise our financial flow

Graphic Design -

MBA Advisor -

Legal Support

Operations Officer -

Nit Picking Editor -

PR -

Social Media -