Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 55

Talitha Walterfang


Talitha Walterfang is a painter, sculptor, photographer and mother of two, who was born and raised in a small community in Germany and is now living in New Zealand.

Talitha attributes her love for portraiture to her artist lineage; her grandmother and grandfather were both skilled portrait artists and sculptors.

She uses a wide range of mediums in her art, but is most passionate about oil paints.

Talitha works a lot from imagination as well as from photos and live models.

She's currently working on her "Faces of the World" project. Portraying faces and beauty from many cultures and backgrounds. She has also began illustrating a children's book.

What inspires her is to capture a most life-like feeling or moment. She aims to create images with depth, that bring a person to a familiar feeling in themselves.