Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 53

You'll get your time to create.. for now, enjoy your children as much as you can.. they'll never be this little again.

Also setting up projects you can easily leave and come back to is great. Just make sure they're well out of reach of destructive, and sticky little hands.

(I've attached a photo of a work in progress that my older daughter decided to join in on when she was 3 years old; completely uninvited of course!... and she was surprised that I didn't appreciate her input... )

What does Talitha do for pure joy? How does she fill her cup?

It's really the simple things that bring me joy. A nice meal with my family, having the kids tucked in bed and being snuggled up by the fire on a chilly winter's night. Cups of tea with good friends. A good belly laugh. My partner and I goof around all the time. He really knows how to crack me up and snap me out of a bad mood. I think a good giggle shakes off all the stress and worries.

Gypsy fairytales. Acrylic on Canvas.

Talitha Walterfang


Sans Kiddie Strokes