Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 49

Talitha Walterfang


Artist's Statement

It is essential to me to be creative. In any way, be it painting, photography or braiding my daughter's hair. It fulfills a longing in me, that reminds me that I am more than a mother and a housewife. It reconnects me with a part of myself that I love.

To capture beauty and precious moments, I have to tune into that place in myself and open to life's exquisiteness. It's therefore profoundly rewarding.

Artwork Description

1. Acrylic on clay sculpture. no model. made in 2007

2. Spring Maiden. Oil on canvas.

3. Brunna and Liang Lee, and their precious bundle, Jaia.

4. Earth mama Starrlight Mclean, pregnant with her son, Kahu. COVER IMAGE

5. Gypsy fairytales. Acrylic on Canvas.

6. Dragonfly dreaming. Acrylic on Canvas.

7. Sky Eyes. Oil on Canvas.