Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 46

Not only are we bringing blood and oxygen into our uterus and bodies with our babies, we are also bringing awareness, love, sustenance, nourishment and respect that will instil confidence and strength.

meditative movement regularly we can calm our nervous system. Having an awareness of foetal development in-utero gives us an understanding of the choices that will enhance our baby’s development. We are not looking for perfection, rather, we are seeking to make informed choices that work best for us as mothers, without external judgements.

So in conclusion, and at the very least when we come to give birth, if we have been truly and lovingly supported in our pregnancy journey, we are more likely to enter the gateway of this rite of passage in tune with ourselves and our baby. Even if we have unresolved issues and fears this too is perfect. There will always be more to experience, more to know and understand because life is a mystery, an organic process of self-inquiry. We cannot know everything. Each birth brings us a new perspective as we mature and transform as women. I have a favourite saying I share in my classes –

“know all and know nothing - be open to receiving the mystery (my story) with your baby”.

This is how we embody birth as a spiritual practice.

Love all

Maha Al Musa – June 2016

Spiritual Birth Visionary and Birth Activist.

Founder of EmbodyBirth™ (formerly BellydanceBirth® since 1997)

Natural Term breastfeeding advocate in worldwide media from 2012-2016.



Maha Al Musa has 20 years’ experience in the birthing world working with pregnant women and birth professionals as a spiritual birth visionary. She is the founder of EmbodyBirth™. She is a mother of three beautiful children, the last one born at home at the age of 46. Maha is an award winning self-published author, an internationally renowned speaker, birth activist and a breastfeeding advocate worldwide having been featured in 3 documentaries in 2015.

In 2011, she also won the one world birth national hero award. The philosophy of her sacred somatic childbirth education program is that birth is a spiritual practice. Its purpose can be harnessed to help elevate Love Consciousness on this planet for the health and wellbeing of our collective Humanity.