Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 40

Like many families who embrace natural living, I have chosen to build community, to birth and parent very differently to my family of origin. I am often trailblazing amongst the women in my family, choosing pathways that are not only new and unusual, but also challenging for them to understand, hence incapacitating the support networks that would otherwise have been in place... the expense of the evolutionary imperative.

Fourteen years ago, whilst fresh, green and new to Motherhood, I was blessed to be approaching birth amongst a community of strong women, who live on the land and deeply value the natural processes of our Earth and the human body. This meant that I was well supported in my decisions to have a low intervention pregnancy (no ultrasounds or extraneous testing), a home, water, lotus birth and was well informed every step of the way.

3 women in particular - the lay midwife of my choice (there actually was a choice back then!), her apprentice and another good friend and neighbour gave me attentive and informed care throughout the entire journey, including the post partum period. They wiped my tears, allayed my fears, researched, organised meal rosters and did my washing... Hey - they even pooper scooped from the birth tub! Over the years all three of them have continued to give loving guidance and support. I consider myself truly blessed.

The theme of the 31st Homebirth Conference was Traditional Midwifery Skills in the Modern Age, and I wasn’t able to attend, so I created this film in lieu of attending.

With Woman -

In Maternity and Modernity Nicole Moore