Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 36


Safety is a feeling, felt deep within your cells, it is not a spoken command or an intellectual theory, it can only be lived. This feeling of safety is critical to a child’s cyclical development and is carried in their auric field. Safety at the cellular level generates a feeling of trust and support in life and is borne of love. This most fundamental feeling is created by the parents during the formative years by firstly creating it within themselves. Role modelling, mama! Your authenticity will be the reference point that a child can use to navigate safely their own emotions and life challenges.

Creating stability looks different for every family. Stability and safety are much more about the presence of an energy than subscribing to any one particular model of living or lifestyle.

You can obtain your Gene Keys FREE HOLOGENETIC PROFILE here, which describes your main gifts and the shadow patterns that will come up for you in your life. The first layer you will journey through is the Activation Sequence, consisting of four specific gene keys that relate to you in very powerful ways. The sequence of your awareness of you unlocking those patterns in your life, is what will create a feeling of stability. I call it, Core stability. Core stability is rooted in safety. You can feel it when you are in the presence of an individual that has achieved this quality. Such people are grounded in their true purpose.

Going through your own layers, you learn to trust yourself. You learn you can still be vulnerable and have pain like everyone else, but you are not overwhelmed by it. Paradoxically, building inner strength builds softness. This powerful, cleansing process purifies your aura, and with a clean aura and with nothing to hide, you can get rid of those lies that you tell yourself; those ones that exist inside of you and make you believe in your limited potential and your fears. Children respond to this by mirroring your pursuit of virtues, and living their own. Those living this process are the people who can connect to children easily, gain their trust and be their voice of reason, their playmate and their mentors.

There is no ‘end point’ to this work, after experiencing your first break through, with delight you will discover that you continue to go deeper and deeper again. Each breakthrough brings more stability as you become anchored in your heart and in your soul.

I would recommend all mothers to go through that activation process, to investigate our projections and our internal reflections; to familiarise ourselves with the language of the souls journey. This inward practise will transform your family and your environment.

As time passes, we require an even more refined presence of care and awareness; as our babies grow, the care we have cultivated and the frequency we must hold has to balance a yin and yang. Firmness with a gentleness. It has to adjust boundaries, and find a constantly shifting equilibrium. The foundations for this stage of a child's life are built in the early formative years for both parent and child.

IMAGE CREDIT: Talitha Walterfang