Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 35



Finding the truth within. What are we, if not particles, organised by code upon code of multi dimensional strands of infinite potential? Creative light, ready to be released and expressed into the world of form?? The beautiful thing about the Gene Key transmission, is that although this is a text full of words, lofty ideas, wisdom and observation, it never really spells anything out for you. Intentional space is given for you to navigate your own way through, to find your own path, and make your own breakthroughs, for a more fulfilling life, grounded in your truth.

The Gene Keys work through the layers of your psyche, the layers of the collective consciousness. They provide a script and a storyline for the transformation of all difficult things in your life. Having that road map changes everything, because you no longer need to fight life. You come to live from a place of knowing that everything that comes to you, every experience, no matter how difficult, is an opportunity to attain the highest states. Every shadow contains a gift.

The process, is deeply personal and invites you to be courageous and realise that you’re pioneering virgin frontiers. It gets more and more exciting the deeper you go, as you shed layer upon layer.

With the ability to shift perspective more easily, and to tread more lightly; you will be able to navigate the challenging mama situations with graciousness. Tricky situations will inevitably come for all new mamas, but the care you turn inwardly will pay in dividends of ease for your mothering experience.