Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 34

Future dads: Pregnancy is a precious investment you can never relive. I urge you to look after your woman. Give her EVERYTHING she wants. It is not a dramatic exaggeration to say that your future, the child’s future, and indeed the future of the world depends on it. If a young mother believes she doesn't have space in her life to give herself that rest; ‘Step-up’ and give it to her. Never lose sight that what is most important is the spirit of the child, and the spirit of the mother, everything else organises around these priorities.

I have a dream for the future of birthing centres, where mothers are revered and given everything they could possibly need.. fed, loved, encouraged to be creative, sing, dance, rest, play. Communities where the mother is treated like a goddess. Indeed the future world, heaven on earth; it's going to come through us building a world through the eyes of a mother with an incarnating child. If we can look through those eyes, then we’ll be able to build the exact world that will create Heaven on Earth.

Its very mystical, but it's incredible, it's inspiring, and as the cycle continues; our children are future mothers and fathers. And for us, we’ll then die, and we’ll come back, and we’ll be looking for a womb like that. The purer we create, the easier it is. We now have children coming into the world with far fewer issues; geniuses with the ability to transform the world on a massive scale through their grounded, but expanded sense of consciousness. It is a gift for them to not have to wade through all these issues that we have to wade through.

I know I am talking idealistically, but this is what is going to happen, it’s happening.

TRANSMISSION – A higher field of consciousness whose sole purpose is to penetrate and awaken those aspects of itself that still remain unaware of their greater reality. Most transmissions assume the form of a teaching or set of teachings that enter the world exactly when the world is ready to receive them. All transmissions follow natural fractal lines as they spread trhoughour humanity; bringing with them a higher order of consciousness. Even though transmissions may take the form of words and practices, their true nature lies shrouded in mystery. The Gene Keys Transmission is part of the wave of awakening generated as the Great Change is felt in the world. -The Gene Keys