Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 33


Many ‘new age’ texts, the Gene Keys included, reference a ‘great evolutionary jump’ that we as a species are heading towards. As parents and mothers we are placed in a very unique and privileged position.. With endless opportunity for impact, through the act of raising our awareness, and the ability to raise children with expanded consciousness.

Consider the notion of reincarnation, we are cycling around in these bodies. We come in, we go out, and we return again over and over. Most of the time, you come into a vehicle or a womb immersed in the wound of its age and of its time. In order to cleanse the repetitive karmic patterning transferred at birth, the mother can do an enormous amount, particularly during that gestation period which would ensure a ‘clean womb’. It is during gestation that all programming for a new life is being written. Every thought pattern that you have, moves through that child and is imprinted into their DNA. This precious life is under construction and your thoughts and feelings will be used as building blocks. The purer the frequency you give them, the purer and simpler their life is going to be. The mother can co-create a really pure, golden child, through the quality of her consciousness.

Ancestral DNA and the make up of that child, going right back, is available to be purified. Past and Present wounding can be particularly close to the surface for a pregnant mother, ready to be loved into dissolution.

The more beautiful and sacred you can make this experience, the more loving energy you can surround yourself in, the more you will create a child that is going to be able to expand its consciousness in a way that very few children are able to. Ultimately, so much is down to the mother.

Regardless of your pregnancy experience, the only way now is forward, with love and compassion for yourself. Shine the light of your awareness and bring the presence of your breath to any constrictions that manifest in your body about this time.

During pregnancy I implore you to literally shut down your life. Make it sacred time. Do nothing but nurture yourself and your child, and make sure that everyone around you knows your plan. I see it as the father's role to facilitate this.

I have a dream for the future of birthing centres, where mothers are revered and given everything they could possibly need.. fed, loved, encouraged to be creative, sing, dance, rest, play. Communities where the mother is treated like a goddess. Indeed the future world, heaven on earth; it's going to come through us building a world through the eyes of a mother with an incarnating child. If we can look through those eyes, then we’ll be able to build the exact world that will create Heaven on Earth.

Its very mystical, but it's incredible, it's inspiring, and as the cycle continues; our children are future mothers and fathers. And for us, we’ll then die, and we’ll come back, and we’ll be looking for a womb like that. The purer we create, the easier it is. We now have children coming into the world with far fewer issues. Genius’s with the ability to transform the world on a massive scale through their grounded, but expanded sense of consciousness. It is a gift for them to not have to wade through all these issues that we have to wade through.

I know I am talking idealistically, but this is what is going to happen, it’s happening.

the Earth moved through her, she heard but a whisper... soaked in natures medicine...

IMAGE and WORDS : Ingrid Pullen