Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 32


Conscious parenting is about Care and taking care; making a conscious effort to BE in the presence of care. Taking care of yourself, your child, your partner and your new family. This care is what drives everything else. Without it, you become the victim, lost in the stress of it all, without a plan, stumbling from one moment to the next, sleepless, hurled into the fray. With no ‘breathing space’, we are swallowed, blind and unconscious.

Moving through early parenthood, without care, awareness or compassion, creates instability, resulting in a manic environment. Instability radiates a tangible feeling, affecting thoughts, timing, flow, relationships, breath and the way in which a young life is shaped and a growing body becomes wired. Shadows can be seen playing out over and over in just about every human relationship in micro and macro ways… Until you decide that you are ready to embrace these shadows, they will remain.

Ideally to bring a child into the world, the best environment would be one with the least amount of stress possible. An environment where care has been taken for that space to be stable and drenched in patience and love. Without cultivating these qualities, you are blind in your challenges and the beauty of presence becomes lost. The energetic space you create for a child will have an impact on them forever. The way in which you nurture them in the early months and years, is building into them, the level of frequency that they will then have to inhabit for most of their life. And that doesn’t mean to say that they can’t go through a change, but giving them the very best chance from the beginning is worth more than our awareness could possibly know. All you need to open yourself up in those early days are the simple lessons; presence, patience and love.

Before becoming a parent, most have no concept of the true depth of their patience. If ‘care’ was one pillar of conscious parenting, then ‘patience’ would definitely be the other. The path through parenthood can teach an open heart a level of deep patience that lasts for a lifetime and filters into every aspect of that life. Allowing this key, deep quality to radiate from your being, changes this ride we are all on, facilitating the shift from struggle to relaxation and enjoyment.

EVOLUTION- An impetus or higher ‘will’ innate in all material forms. The current of evolution is responsible for gradually raising the vibratory frequency of all matter, even matter without awareness. As forms evolve, they gradually assume awareness and in time transcend their sense of separation and return to their formless essence. There are many forms of evolution, all interconnected with each other, and human evolution is one. Evolution represents that force within matter that always strives upward towards spirit, as opposed to involution, its counter-force, which is the essence of spirit descending or embedding itself within the form - The Gene Keys

IMAGE CREDIT: Ingrid Pullen