Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 31

everyday pressures. This essentially leads to ‘auto pilot’ or ‘survival mode’. Our consciousness becomes limited and entrained to the dominant localised frequency, which is generally dense and drenched in fear and lack… Don’t feel bad here mama, the story has been designed this way. For many, this unconscious behavior is a weave of ancestral and genetic patterning; mashed with a constant barrage of engineered and archetypal influences that vibrate in a band of frequency within our DNA. This is referred to as ‘shadow’. It creates distractions, dis-ease, conflict and a whole spectrum of heavy states of being. The way in which we nurture ourselves to deal with this situation is where the real Magic can happen, and this exact ability to intentionally cause feeling states that ‘rise above,’ is the very reason we are here. And also the very reason that parenting is the ultimate dance of the divine.

With the ‘right’ application of internal and external support, the nights of non sleep, and what can sometimes only be described as chaos, can be churned into some of the most empowering times of your life. For example, it can be very illuminating and enchanting being up at night. In those small hours where the veil is thin and hormones are pouring through your body there is a high chance of stumbling into an enhanced state of consciousness that you don’t normally have easy access to and tap into something that is beautiful and mysterious.

But for this to happen, you have to slow down, allow the rhythms of life and of motherhood to lead you. Allow you ‘inner tuition’ to be heard. Allow the heartbeat of our earthly mother to come gently next to you and breathe her life and her natural laws into the stardust that fills your veins. Allow a new perspective into the tightness that consumes you as you react unconsciously, emotionally, in victim stance to the ‘plight’ of your challenging situation. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to provide care and love to our children, and in doing so, it is a blessing to give this love also, most importantly, to ourselves.