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Now don’t get put off by the word ‘god’ here, if you have an aversion to religion.. What we are simply referring to is the infinite source of all creation, all loving and very much a part of your every breath, whether you feel it, or not. And I am not saying that this ‘god’ frequency is actually active.. For the majority, it can lay dormant for lifetimes, save for moments of grace and active intention.

Tools like the Gene Keys speak to the greatest and biggest parts of us, prompting us to move through the constrictions, to wade through our slice of suffering and live from our hearts. It doesn't matter how you parent, so long as you are willing to bring as much love in every moment you can possibly manage. And this amount will fluctuate - a lot, depending on the emotional, spiritual, physical climate in any given moment. But hold on to your organic cloth diapers mama, because, you and this wave of mamas coming through right now, are essential to the outcome of the story of our species here on Earth.


The ‘Conscious Parenting’ label can be so confusing, what does it even mean? Shall we parent this way, or that way? What is the ‘right’ way? For some it is a constantly shifting, dynamic way of being, and for others it constitutes a judgement. Sometimes it feels intangible and hard to articulate without examples, and sometimes it can become so dogmatic, that the essence of its purpose becomes lost. One thing is for sure, the truth of conscious parenting IS an empowered and courageous way to live.

Unconscious parenting comes with a stigma, but is in fact quite normal, and safe to admit to, no judgment here. It easily manifests when parents stop paying attention to what’s going on inside them, often due to a lack of sleep and overwhelm. In this way, the many challenges and stresses of having a young child impairs the ability to raise one’s awareness, and ‘conscious’ behavior becomes secondary to the everyday pressures. This essentially leads to ‘auto pilot’ or ‘survival mode’. Our consciousness becomes limited and entrained to the dominant localised frequency, which is generally dense and drenched in fear and lack… Don’t feel bad here mama, the story has been designed this way. For many this unconscious behavior is a weave of ancestral and genetic patterning; insidiously mashed with a constant barrage of subtle and grande, engineered and archetypal influences that vibrate in a band of frequency within our DNA, referred to as ‘shadow’. It creates distractions, dis-ease, conflict and a whole spectrum of heavy states of being. The way in which we nurture ourselves to deal with this situation is where the real Magic can happen, and this exact ability to intentionally cause feeling states that ‘rise above’ is the very reason we are here. And also the very reason that parenting is the ultimate dance of the divine.

With the ‘right’ application of internal and external support, the nights of non sleep, and what can sometimes only be described as chaos, can be churned into some of the most empowering times of your life. For example, it can be very illuminating and enchanting being up at night. In those small hours where the veil is thin and hormones are pouring through your body there is a high chance of stumbling into an enhanced state of consciousness that you don’t normally have easy access to and tap into something that is beautiful and mysterious.

IMAGE CREDIT : Ingrid Pullen

The Last Wish of the Day

PRIME GIFTS – Calculated by the time, date and place of your birth, the Prime Gifts are a series of four Gene Keys that relate profoundly to your overall purpose in life. Known as your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance and your Purpose, the Prime Gifts represent the living field of your genius that was imprinted in your DNA at the point of conception. By understanding and embracing the shadow aspects of the Gene Keys that correspond to your four Prime Gifts you will activate their higher frequencies and catalyse a mutation to take place deep within your DNA. This process is known as the Activation Sequence. By sustained contemplation on the highest frequencies of your four Prime Gifts you will witness a complete transformation in your life as you unlock the true genius inside you.

The Gene Keys