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The Gene Keys is a living transmission well ahead of its time. Willow Mama Ari sat down with Richard Rudd to talk conscious parenting and Gene Keys, and how these two are the perfect marriage for a beautiful and rewarding pathway into and through motherhood. The following is a distillation of this poignant and deep exchange from both parties, for your reading and digesting pleasure.

A hybrid, conscious stream from many different teachings from the east and the west, the Gene Keys walks through the shadow, gift and siddih frequencies of our collective and individual gene patterning. Presenting an extremely high frequency body of work that guides a seeker within, and to the potential of eventual embodiment of the highest expressions of their unique codes. The shadow frequency is the challenging ‘survival’ mode, the gift, the release of the wounding that keeps us in shadow. An opening of the heart in service to the whole. And the siddih being the highest enlightened state, the final irreversible transformation, the divine manifestation of the shadow… and so it continues, this process onwards forever into ever expanding realms of consciousness.



Have you ever noticed how there aren’t many spiritual teachers in the world who have families?..

If you know any, or you are one.. Please DO contact us, we’d love to connect with you.

Generally those in active exploration of the highest spaces of consciousness available, do not have commitments to families. And by families, I mean a family unit, a partner (whether you are together or not) and a child/ children and all the daily challenges that come along with that package. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this lack of representation in today's ‘spiritual circuit’, but here’s a little secret… The family unit is a crucible of love like no other, its patchwork of criss crossing connections is encoded with the juice that is the New Earth. And how could it not be? Any parent can vouch for the grinding edge of virtues we quickly learn to embody, in order to create that essential flow in our days, if we want to exist beyond surviving. In addition to this; children are our legacy. If you consider that our population will eventually need reproduction to ‘survive’, one cannot omit the importance of this frontier. Further to this, it is through the healing of karmic and ancestral debts, that we as a species will evolve, there is no better container for this, than the family.

You could say we have chosen to walk the ultimate spiritual path of being a parent, a healing journey like no other. We have many opportunities to observe our reactive emotions, tame our victim, parent our inner child, apply the balm of self love to the most sensitive areas and bear light to the darkest and deepest corners of our souls. The sheer quantity of light that will be released through the healing of the family unit is the absolute master key in our evolutionary jump. The heart of God lays in each and every family.

Now don’t get put off by the word ‘god’ here, if you have an aversion to religion.. What we are simply referring to is the infinite source of all creation, all loving and very much a part of your every breath, whether you feel it, or not. And I am not saying that this ‘god’ frequency is actually active.. For the majority, it can lay dormant for lifetimes, save for moments of grace and active intention.

Tools like the Gene Keys speak to the greatest and biggest parts of us, prompting us to move through the constrictions, to wade through our slice of suffering and live from our hearts. It doesn't matter how you parent, so long as you are willing to bring as much love in every moment you can possibly manage. And this amount will fluctuate - a lot, depending on the emotional, spiritual, physical climate in any given moment. But hold on to your organic cloth diapers mama, because, you and this wave of mamas coming through right now, are ESSENTIAL to the outcome of the story of our species here on Earth.


One of sixty four universal attributes of consciousness. Each Gene Key is a multi Dimensional portal into your inner being whose sole purpose is to activate your higher purpose and ultimately allow you to embrace your own Divinity. One way in which your higher purpose is activated is through sustained contemplation of the Gene Keys and their frequency bands.

The Gene Keys