Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 28

The Heart of God

Richard Rudd, Gene Keys and Arihia Sun

The Gene Keys have been and continue to be the most profoundly honest and influential piece of living wisdom I have encountered in my deep exploration of truth in this life so far. I spent my entire pregnancy like the Buddah, sitting in my armchair nest, devouring exploring, living and breathing it’s teachings. The effect was nothing short of life changing, as little but little, jump by jump, my insides came to the outside; I had found the truth of myself, and I continue to find and be this truth as I navigate my way through parenthood. I know the version of me that exists in this very moment is greater, richer and clearer due to my Gene Keys journey. For me, there is nothing that rivals it’s potency and potential, a great companion to any other teaching, I thoroughly recommend all mothers and humans with an inkling of curiosity to buy yourself a copy, download your free profile and jump into the grand adventure! - Mama Ari

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