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discomfort and breakouts.

To help him understand these concepts, I would tell stories of the good and the happy and the unhappy soldiers in his body (which he loved to hear!) As he continues to grow, I still explain why the foods are or aren’t healthy, but guide him to make make his own decisions.

In Conclusion

I wish to emphasise that being an empathetic parent is about relating to our children. If we just tell them ‘no’, then we fail to use a perfect opportunity to teach them how to discern what is a positive, or negative, action for them. If I take the time to give my son a legitimate reason, he is more able to understand - equipping him with the tools to make wise decisions in the future. The key is to remember that empathy is modelled by us, as parents.

Empathy is modelled by us, as parents.

c) Eat Well and Explain Why

Motherhood has helped me to become much more aware of foods and the effects they have on our health and our behaviour. As a result, I’ve raised my son to be aware of preservatives, artificial flavours and colourings, and the fats and sugars that do not support his health. He has some allergies and because of this knowledge he can comprehend how and why these foods bring him discomfort and breakouts.

Doan Vo is the mama behind Little Organics.

Since having her first child, Ollie, she has developed a passion or natural products and Gentle Parenting.

Visit her at 620 Bell St Preston 3072, at www.littleorganics.com.au or drop her a line through FB or instagram.

IMAGE CREDIT: Talitha Walterfang