Willow Magazine CREATING LIFE - Page 25

5. The Why Factor

“But Why?” Sound familiar?

As soon as they can form sentences, our children begin the infamous ‘Why’ game. Yes, I’ll admit - it can get tiring, but instead of brushing it off with a ‘because mommy said so’, I feel it’s more effective in the long run to embrace it and respond to their growing curiosity - at least while they still look to us for answers! Play your own game. This is the perfect opportunity to flex your 'creative answers' muscle and cultivate your patience.

Also a great opportunity to get your little one to explore the answers they innately have inside of them. With the right guidance you can direct them inward!

a) Answer Him with Sincerity

Demonstrating communication skills - in particular, the ability to actively listen, is key to developing healthy and respectful relationships. Try and take the time to really listen to your child’s questions, and in turn, formulate a response. If you don’t know why yourself- just be honest! Even round it off with a little “If you really want to know, you’ll find the answer for yourself one day.”

On days when the Why’s feel incessant… reflect the question back to them! This encourages critical and creative thinking, and creates space for the infinite possibilities of life. (For who says us adults have all the answers?!)

b) Explain the Reasoning Behind Your Actions

Our children are a lot smarter than we often give them credit for. Taking the time to share the reasons behind our actions with our children (who are after all, big beings in little bodies) prepares them for whatever is about to happen in their life. and equips them with an innate self-confidence.

For example, in the mornings I often rug up my little boy - despite the protestations! I explain to him that I put on layers of clothing because it’s cold outside, and that by staying warm we stay healthy.

Lately, he’s been advising me to go to bed earlier….so that I can keep healthy! Wise kid.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ingrid Pullen